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Children of Light Academy (COLA)

Children of Light Academy (COLA)

Students at the Children of Light Academy (COLA) are eligible to join our after school program to develop skills such as hand eye coordination, cognitive balance, and discipline utilizing the Phenomenal method. They will practice exercises such as passing, dribbling, and shooting. There are 4 areas of evaluation that we aim to enhance, listed below.

Four Areas of Evaluation: 

1) Technical Competence (skill in dribbling, passing, shooting, receiving, and heading) 

2) Tactical Awareness (effective and quick decision making with and without the ball - reading the game) 

3) Physical Component (athleticism, speed, quickness, agility, strength, and power)        

4) Psychological Factor (mental toughness, competitiveness, discipline, and teamwork)

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Prices and Payment Plans


Once per week: $50 per month 

Sessions are 45 minutes long 

It is required that all participants buy a practice shirt - $21.70

Required one time registration fee of $15

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Use the link below to register for our school program at Children of Light Academy!

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